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5 Ways for Living a Good Life with a Chronic Illness

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – Living with a chronic illness is tough, especially when you have had it since you were just a kid. Since children don’t understand things, you might have had a hard time ever since kindergarten school.

Sometimes it gets even harder as you grow up. You start to see people doing exemplary things that you can only dream of doing. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you should let the things you can’t do keep you from doing what you can do.

While you shouldn’t hold back in your fight against your illness, you should also not allow it to consume you completely. No matter what chronic illness you have, your life still has many beautiful things to offer. There isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t get them.

So how do you prevent your chronic illness from taking over your life? Let’s go over five ways for living with a chronic illness.

You’re Not the One to Blame

People suffering from various types of chronic illnesses often blame themselves for what is happening to them. They get tense, angry, and frustrated with their problems. Sometimes they even feel ashamed of it.

However, the only way to feel better is by letting go of any and all self-blame. Sometimes the day to day challenges are hard enough, and adding the self-blame on top of it all can just make everything even tougher.

No matter what limits the chronic illness has put on you, it’s not your fault. Life just isn’t fair, and there might not be a single person in this world who has everything all the time.

Don’t Let Your Illness Describe Who You Are

There is no other person like you. There might be many people with your condition, but there certainly isn’t anyone like you in the world.

Even though there are some things you can’t do, there is probably a lot that you can do. You are not just a person with a particular illness. You are an individual who has or can have interests, hobbies, skills, and many more things.

There might be sickness somewhere in your body, but that doesn’t have to mean you are a sick person. You are a person who can be whoever they want to be by simply letting what you love define you.

So take some time for yourself if you go to work or school by getting some help from

Try To Connect With Other People

Many people suffering from any particular type of chronic illness feel forced to give up their social lives for relative isolation. If you haven’t been dealing with the chronic illness ever since you were a kid, then this feeling might be even more challenging for you.

While loneliness can be soothing sometimes and makes you feel like it’s an old friend, being lonely all the time is never good for anybody. That is why you should try to connect with people and have friends.

If you are bound to a hospital but not a bed, try to move around and get to know the staff or others suffering from similar chronic illnesses. If you can’t leave a room, try to connect with people online through any platform you like. Even if it’s a game and you are talking to complete strangers.

If you are lucky to have a chronic illness that allows you to be in the open world, try to find someone who will understand you, and love spending time with you. There is always someone out there, whether you are searching for a friend or something more is your choice.

Learn To Be Happy For Others

When you are limited by a chronic illness, you might sometimes feel negative emotions when you see someone doing something you can’t do but would love to. Like a person who stutters would really love to speak up and show everyone how brilliant they are, but they can’t.

If you can’t feel happy for someone doing something you want to but can’t, start by looking at someone who is happy about something you don’t crave.

This simple yet incredibly complicated thing can be really tough, which is why it takes a lot of practice. But when you do finally learn to be truly happy for others, you will feel much better.

Be Kind to Yourself

Practicing self-compassion is something that many people with chronic illnesses don’t tend to do. They get so caught up beating themselves up that they don’t stop to consider how badly it’s hurting them mentally. Many people with chronic illnesses sometimes try to end it all if it gets too much.

Whether you are nice to others or not, you first need to be nice to yourself. Even if you think that you aren’t worthy of your own kindness, just try.

If you have done some bad things, then learn from your mistakes and grow from them. Getting stuck in negative self-judgment is not worth it.

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