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Alexandria Selects Participants for their New Curbside Composting Pilot

"You have been selected to participate in the City's new curbside composting pilot"

Alexandria, VA – Applicants in Alexandria were encouraged to sign up for a chance to participate in their new curbside Composting Pilot. With the support of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Composting and Food Waste Reduction Cooperative Agreement, the City launched a voluntary, subsidized curbside composting pilot program. As part of this curbside composting pilot program, the City provides the first six months of services and the start-up kit including an air-tight 7-gallon cart and compostable bags.

This is food waste. (Photo courtesy of Waste360)

As a one of the 100 selected participant, I will separate my food waste from the trash and leave the compost bin by the curb on the designated day of the week. I will be able to place items such as fruit and vegetable scraps, meat, and bones in a dedicated bin for food waste collection instead of putting food waste in the trash. The bin is delivered as part of the subscription you sign up for.

(Photo courtesy of Alexandria VA)

The company, Compost Crew ,will manage the program for the City. They provide weekly collection services and address issues such as the delivery of the containers and missed collections. For those interested in signing up, the Compost Crew charges a monthly fee of $21 or an annual fee of $231, which includes one month free. This is a significant discount in comparison to the average price of $32/month in the region. Residents are always free to use the composting services offered at farmers’ markets around the City.

The Compost Crew truck. (Photo courtesy of Compost Crew)

The registration on the Compost Crew site was easy. Supply your name and address plus a few other details and you’re enrolled. The registration page requires a credit card, but the selected Alexandria residents are not billed during the first six months.  And, just like that, you’re in.

The startup kit has everything you’ll need. (Photo courtesy of Alexandria Va)

My dashboard provides information about the service and offers a variety of products for sale to help with collecting your compostable items. There are additional bags and compost bins for your home. Although the pickup bins hold seven gallons for your monthly pickup, you can purchase bigger bins.

I’ll keep you informed about the program as I participate in the pilot program.

Recycling food waste in Alexandria, Va

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