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Free College Financial Aid Assistance October 3

All T.C. Williams High School seniors and their families are invited to the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria’s FAFSA Completion Workshop on Wednesday, October 3rd. Every senior should fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to qualify for money for college from the federal government, the state of Virginia, and colleges. Drop by room C-206 at T.C. Williams anytime between 4pm and 7:30pm to enjoy a free McDonald’s chicken sandwich and get your FAFSA finished with the help of financial aid professionals. Completing the FAFSA only takes about 45 minutes, so you don’t have the stay the whole time.

FAFSA allows students to qualify for scholarships/grants, work-study, and loans; however, it does NOT obligate families to borrow money to pay for college. The application does NOT include essays and does NOT consider grades.

Please bring the following documents you will need to complete the FAFSA:

• Social Security Numbers for student & parents (if parents do not have SSN, that’s okay, just enter all zeros in place of SSN)

• Alien registration or permanent resident card for students who are not U.S. citizens

• Dates of birth, email addresses (with passwords), & mailing address for student & parents

• Parent’s marital status & date of that status (month/year of marriage or separation/divorce)

• Month/year student & parents became state residents (if within the last 5 years)

• 2017 W-2 Forms & 1040 Income Tax Returns for parents & student (if applicable)

• 2017 untaxed income records – Veterans non-education benefit records, child support received, disability, or worker’s compensation

• Estimate of current amounts in student and parent savings, checking, and investment accounts

For more information, contact the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria’s Director of College Advising, Margaret Feldman, at [email protected] or (703) 824-6730. Additionally, if you have any questions about how citizenship status may impact FAFSA eligibility, please contact Ms. Feldman for a confidential conversation.

Interpretation services will be provided with online registration: Please contact the ACPS Family and Community Engagement Center at (703) 619-8414 if you need assistance with registration.

An additional FAFSA Workshop will be held on Wednesday, November 7th from 4pm to 7:30pm.

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