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2020 From the Perspective of A Young Zebra Reader

Young reader, Ellie, writes to the Zebra editor about enlightening people on a different and postive perspective to view 2020.

Ellie is 11 years old and lives in Alexandria with her parents. (Courtesy photo)

Alexandria, VA – Dear Zebra,


My name is Elinor but I go by Ellie. I am 11 years old. I would like to publish a paragraph that I have written to enlighten people during Covid:


by Ellie Crisler

2020 has been like putting on a new pair of glasses. We finally get to see the real world not the one with unicorns and rainbows. We have to bear pain and loss, opening our eyes we see that our world is not perfect the way it is. Blinking, finding out that if we love our world then we need to change it. We shield our eyes to protect ourselves from the weight of the world. Taking our glasses off, the job of changing our world is too big for one person. Picking our glasses up, we gain the courage to change our racist, dying, covid-flooded world. Standing up, fighting against all odds to change the world our ancestors will grow up in. Walk down the street to see the good in our world, the chalk pictures, the teachers who teach under all circumstances, the healthcare workers who save lives. We all have what it takes to change the world. We just need the courage to see the world with a new and improved pair of glasses.

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