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“Bright Futures” Campagna Center’s Spring Benefit Raises Vital Funds for Students

Over 200 supporters of the Campagna Center gathered at the Masonic Temple for the spring fundraising event. (Photo: Stella Davis)

Alexandria, VA – On June 2, the Campagna Center held its first in-person spring fundraising event in three years at the George Washington Masonic Temple, bringing together supporters dedicated to ensuring that Alexandria’s children and families receive the education and support they need to thrive. “Seeing everybody back together like this matters,” said Dr. Tammy Mann, president and CEO of the Campagna Center.

Organized by Spring Benefit Co-Chairs Kristen Fyock and Paige Patterson, this year’s Bright Futures Spring Benefit theme was “Celebrating Our Heroes.” It highlighted the incredible Campagna Center team members who continued to provide critical services to children and families throughout the pandemic. Dr. Mann remarked, “Long before there were vaccines and treatments, [the teachers] left their homes and families to carry out [the Campagna Center’s] mission with enormous pride and commitment.”

In keeping with its mission to deliver educational and social development programs for children, teens, and adults, the Campagna Center offered 12 hours of daily care to elementary students whose parents could not work from home during COVID. Teachers offered virtual learning opportunities and in-person services to help keep children socially and academically engaged.

0ver the past two years, Campagna’s family support team members provided food, mental health support services, and more than 600,000 diapers, as well as over 650 books to help children stay engaged during virtual learning. The funds raised from Bright Futures will go directly to supporting these programs.

Reflecting on her experience with the Campagna Center during the pandemic, Tomashia Cornitcher, Campagna Center board member and mother of three, remarked that she is “truly blessed by the Campagna Center” for providing her children with essential support and education throughout their lives and allowing her to continue working in-person during the pandemic. Cornitcher said, “If it weren’t for the Campagna Center, I wouldn’t be standing before you now as a proud mom.”

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