Coed Alexandria Masters Soccer League Kicks Off Spring Season; New Players Welcome to Join

Team Rosemont from AMSL (All photos courtesy AMSL)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Are you tired of sitting around on a Sunday evening looking for a new show to stream? Would you rather get some exercise and meet new people? Then the coed Alexandria Masters Soccer League (AMSL) may be the place for you.

On March 26, the AMSL kicked off its 2023 spring season. While the season has begun, the league welcomes interest from new players of all skill levels. The league, which requires men to be over 40 years of age and women to be over 35, was created in 2008 by a group of parents who were tired of sitting on the sidelines while their children played soccer.

The group wanted to participate in the so called “beautiful game.” They felt it would be a great way to get exercise and meet new people. The founders created team names to represent the various neighborhoods in Alexandria, such as Del Ray, Rosemont, Beverly Hills, and Old Town, (But the players for each team come from all over the city.)

Some attacking grit from Braddock Heights

Once it became more established, in 2010, the league was incorporated as a 501(c) nonprofit. Over the years, the league grew from four to eight teams but dropped back to six during the pandemic. Currently, the league has players who range in age from their late thirties  to late sixties. The skill level is just as diverse. Some players have only a limited soccer background while others played in college.

AMSL President Bill Cromley described the league as “an extension of the Alexandria community where neighbors and friends come together to be social as well get some exercise.” He added:  “After 15 years, it feels like family. Our weekly fix of camaraderie and competition.”

Susan Apgar – one of the league’s original members – had never played soccer before joining, but that didn’t stop her.  She told The Zebra that playing soccer provides both physical and mental therapy. Apgar views the sport as a means to unwind from daily stresses. Plus, it keeps her feeling young.

“I truly enjoy being outside, getting exercise, meeting new people, and most of all learning the game of soccer, she said. Since the  teams are required to have four women on the field, Apgar said, “I always feel included during the run of play.”

Team Del Ray from AMSL

AMSL currently plays its games on Sunday evenings at Ft. Ward and Ben Brenman fields with kickoff times between 7 and 8:30 pm. The games are designed to promote a relaxed environment with rules to prevent injury such as no slide tackling or rough play.

While the league used to keep standings, it did away with them in order to prevent teams from becoming overly competitive. Bonds of friendship have blossomed as a result of the on-field camaraderie, too. Players often share some drinks and food after the games and at season’s end.

AMSL wants to return to eight teams for the 2023 fall season. It is always looking to recruit new players. For those interested in joining the league, click HERE or contact ASML’s president Bill Cromley at ([email protected]) for more information.

Want to try  it out without joining a team? the league AMSL  has created a substitute list for teams who may be shorthanded on game day. If you are interested in substituting, visit HERE and then click ‘Apply for Membership’ to get started.

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