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June is Here: Unleash Your Garden’s Potential in Alexandria!

Pollinators (All photos courtesy Greenstreet Gardens)

Alexandria, VA – Hooray for June in Virginia! This month ushers in a whole new garden game—time to plant, pamper, and propel your soil to superstar status. Together, we’re on a mission to cultivate a garden radiating with vibrant hues and fragrances throughout the sunny season. Join us in nurturing a nature nook that flourishes beneath the summer skies all summer long!


Here are June’s top garden picks—how you can nourish and flourish! Roll out the red carpet for heat-loving veggies. Wave farewell to the spring drizzle and welcome the heat heroes—tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and squash. These sun-chasers are ready to bask in June’s glow. Got your soil prepped? It’s got to be fluffy and nutrient-packed. Pro-tip: if compost hasn’t made it into your plot yet, now’s the moment to enrich those earthy beds. Strategically place those sprouts where the sun kisses the earth for 6-8 hours a day and dodge the plight of overcrowding. Plant ’em, water ’em thoroughly, and keep that earth quenched to lay the groundwork for a bumper batch.

Goldenrod, a perennial

Transform your soil into a nutrient Nirvana with compost. Picture compost as your garden’s ultimate multivitamin—it amps up soil quality and hydration and keeps the nasties at bay. With the damp days of spring behind us, adding compost now is super smart. Gather those kitchen leftovers sans meat and dairy (we want to deter pests, not invite them), and toss in your yard trimmings. Keep your green-to-brown ratio in check for top-notch compost. Give that heap a regular toss, and once it’s turned into dark, rich goodness, let your plant pals feast on these summer essentials.

Landscape pathways

Craft your summer garden paradise by planting mighty trees and shrubbery. Dream big with oaks, willows, or Alexandria’s paw paws to introduce some drama to your green space. Be mindful of their future towering presence and nestle them into just-right spots for abundant growth. Watch your tiny giants settle in, nurturing them for a garden legacy that endures.

Embrace the power of mulch magic. Mulch isn’t just garden eye candy—it’s the guardian of moisture. In Alexandria’s heat, mulch acts as a protective barrier, conserving water and fending off weeds. Organic mulches break down over time, enriching the soil with nutrients. Cocoa hulls, pine needles, or well-aged hardwood chips can add a touch of elegance while serving a functional purpose. Spread a two to three-inch layer around your plants, and watch your garden stay lusher longer.

Perennials are the gift that keeps on giving. Now’s the prime time to add stunners like sunflowers, goldenrod, and milkweed to your canvas. Leave them room to unleash their beauty and heed the care specs—plant depth and hydration are key. A gentle pat of soil and a careful splash of water set the stage for strong roots, while mulch acts like a cool blanket, keeping the earth moist and comfy. Smart planting choices today promise a garden that’s a feast for the eyes and a boon for Mother Nature.

Here’s a blueprint of Ideas for your summer garden oasis, thriving with Virginia’s natural botanicals. Let’s go local—bring Virginia’s flora into your garden mix for carefree maintenance and hydration harmony. These homegrown heroes are weather warriors, champions for pollinators, and bug busters. Consider the butterfly beacon that is milkweed or berry-bountiful bushes for our feathered friends. Your garden spirit shows by choosing local and cultivating a lively, eco-connected sanctuary.


Mindful pathways are more than just a walk in the park. The pathways in your garden should invite exploration and reflection. Gravel, flagstone, or even reclaimed brick can create charming, rustic walkways. Lining them with low-growing herbs like thyme or chamomile adds a fragrant touch, releasing their calming scents with every step you take.


Create a sanctuary for Nature’s little helpers by sculpting a haven where pollinators buzz, butterflies flutter, and hummingbirds zip. They’re the magic behind your garden’s glory, so invite a rainbow of blooms, including nighttime delights for the moon admirers. Natural is the way to go—keep those chemicals at bay to welcome a thriving, vibrant eco-haven.

Embrace the buzz of June and let your garden ambition loose. Our straightforward tips are the map to a mesmerizing, sun-kissed retreat. With a little TLC and eco-smarts, your green corner will embody the very soul of summer—a serene sanctuary to bask in the natural joys of Alexandria.

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