Updated CDC Guidance for Community, Faith-Based Organizations

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Alexandria, VA –  In its nightly email, the city continues to urge residents to stay at home, unless going out is essential. And when out, they stress the importance of maintaining six feet of distance around others.

Guidance for Houses of Worship and Community Organizations

There is new information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) specifically for religious and community leaders. It covers two categories: ongoing mitigation guidance and COVID-19 prevention and support. Learn how to properly clean and disinfect gathering areas and find answers to frequently asked questions. A webinar provides detailed information on how to help the Latino community through this time. Click HERE to access the webpage.

Medical Appointments and Non-COVID Emergencies

Alexandria and its Health Department strongly encourage residents to keep scheduled doctor appointments. They also advise calling 9-1-1 if a life-threatening emergency arises.

A joint poll by “Morning Consult” and the “American College of Emergency Physicians” shows that nearly a third of American adults are delaying or avoiding medical care due to COVID-19-related concerns. The poll also shows that people are choosing to avoid the hospital when experiencing a medical emergency.

Residents are reminded that trips for medical purposes are exempt from the stay-at-home order. Click HERE for a list of situations when a trip to the hospital is necessary.

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